Ce, RoHS High Brightness High Quality Outdoor Waterproof Integrated Solar System Street Light

Product DescriptionCE, ROHS high brightness high quality outdoor waterproof all in one solar system street lightSpecificationItem NO.Watt(W)Lumens(lm)Solar PanelBatteryCapacity(AH)SuitableInstallation HeightSize(mm)JYL-5W12V5W500~55018V12W12.8V4Ah2.5~3m465*320*50JYL-8W12V8W800~88018V15W12.8V6Ah3~4m465*320*50JYL-12W12V12W1200~132

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Product Description
CE, ROHS high brightness high quality outdoor waterproof all in one solar system street light
Ce, RoHS High Brightness High Quality Outdoor Waterproof All in One Solar System Street Light


Item NO.Watt(W)Lumens(lm)Solar PanelBattery
Installation Height
LED BrandBridgelux
Body MaterialAluminum alloy
Working Temperature(ºC)-25 ~ +50

The integrated solar led street light with motion sensor is an intelligent outdoor lighting system that provides powerful lighting into an all-in-one compact package and is easy to install. During the day the highly efficient solar panel collects energy from the sun and stores that power in the advanced lithium battery. At night the powerful LED's automatically turn on providing ambient light for all to enjoy.
When motion is detected the super bright LED's increase in brightness to provide an abundance of extra lighting for anyone in the area. After 30 seconds or when motion is no longer detected, the light drops down in brightness to conserve power. This intelligent feature allows The Solar Powered Street light to save power when no one is in range or utilizing the light, meaning a much longer run time than you would expect from a similar size solar lighting. The motion sensor is the practical way to enjoy brighter than normal light when extra lighting is needed.
It combines solar panel, high power LED's and a high capacity lithium battery into a slim and compact housing.
  1. Self sufficient
  2. No Electrical Cost
  3. Easy to Install
  4. No Wires or Cables needed
  5. Long lasting Lithium Battery
  6. Integrated motion sensor
  7. Compact design
  8. Cost savings
    Ce, RoHS High Brightness High Quality Outdoor Waterproof All in One Solar System Street Light


Trade Terms

1.Express: integrated solar led street light is shipped by UPS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT it takes 3- 5 days to arrive the destination.
2. Air cargo: garden street light takes about one week to arrive the destination.
3. Sea shipment: It takes about one month to arrive the destination, depending on your actual requirements.
4. Payment terms: sample order: 100% TT in advance ;
bulk order : 30% deposit in advance,70% balance by T/T before shipment.
5. Lead time : Within 5-10 working days.
6. Bulk order Lead time :Within 5-10 working days.
7.Shipping port: Qingdao port, China.
8. Discounts : discount is offering for large quantity.
9. Packaging: Exported package, also can be customized according to customer requirements of Logo, Brand and etc

Ce, RoHS High Brightness High Quality Outdoor Waterproof All in One Solar System Street Light

1.Q:How many cycles full charge&discharge about your battery?
A: In 50% discharging deepness, it can be cycled for 1,200 times; in floating charging and discharging status, it can be cycled for 5000~6000 times.

2.Q:How to Choose the System Voltage 12V or 24V or for normal solar street Light ? 
A: We can design the System for 12v or 24v for solar street Light or 220-380V for normal street light . 

3.Q:What's the main difference between mono and polycrystalline solar panel?
A: production process and cost. Polysilicon technology is more mature since it is an early technology compared with Monosilicon.

4.Q:The controller of your solar street light has dual time control function?
A: our solar charge controller is designed with dual time control function, you can set up the lighting time and divide it into two parts, like 12 hours (6 hours full power lighting + 6 hours half power lighting)

5.Q:What information does Joysolar need to offer you the best customized solar lamps?
A: I·· Which City will you install the solar street lights?
I··Road width & road length? 
I··What type of road? Highway, National, Suburb or Parking lot?. 
l ··How many hours of light per day required?
l ··How many continued days lighting without sunshine?
l ··If retrofit lighting ,what's the existing light type and power?
l ··Do you have the site photo?
l·· Any other special requirement?

6. Q:What is an LED driver?
A: An LED driver is a selfcontained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of your LED or array of LEDs. There are currently no industry standards, 
so understanding the electrical characteristics of your LED or array is critical in selecting or designing a driver circuit. Drivers should be current regulated (deliver a consistent current over a range of load voltages). Drivers may also offer dimming by means of pulse width modulation (PWM) circuits. Drivers may 
have more than one channel for separate control of different LEDs or arrays.

7. Q:What is a sun hour?
A: Sun hour is a unit of measurement of the intensity of sunlight on the earth at a given time that can be used for generation of solar power, recognizing factors 
such as climate and weather. A full sun hour is measured as the intensity of sunlight at noon, whereas less than a full sun hour will result during the hours before and after noon.

8. Q: How does the light know when to turn on and turn off?
A: solar controller uses a photocell and/or timer to control when the light will turn on, when the sun goes down, and to turn off when the sun comes up. 
The photocell detects when the sun comes down and when the sun comes up again. Joysolar can make the lamp last anywhere from 8-14 hours, and this varies on the customer's needs.The solar controller utilizes an internal timer that is pre-set for a specific number of hours to determine when to switch the light off. If the solar controller is set to leave the light on until dawn, it determines when the sun rise (and when to switch the light off) by means of voltage readings from the solar panel array.

9.Q: What happens if there are cloudy days?
A: Electrical energy is stored in the battery each day, and some of that energy is used to operate the light at night. Generally, we design your system so that the battery 
will operate the light for five nights without charging. This means that, even after a series of cloudy days, there will be plenty energy in the battery to power the light each night. Also, 
the solar panel will continue to charge the battery (although at a reduced rate) even when it is cloudy.What is the typical maintenance schedule for a solar lighting system?There is no regular maintenance required for a solar lighting system. However, it is helpful to keep the solar panels clean, especially in a dusty climate.Do I have to charge the batteries?Batteries are shipped 85% charged. The batteries will be at 100% charged within two weeks of proper operation. 

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